Sissymass 2018

Last weekend I had the honour of joining in Sissymass. Honestly one of the most entertaining parties I’ve ever had the chance to attend.

What is Sissymass? Well every year, SissiesandSlaves hosts a party where sissy, the person pictured below, entertains and serves the guests, as well as sings songs and becomes the Christmas tree standing in the corner.

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Welcome to sissymas 2018

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 Armed with clothes pins with glittery tampons attached, baubles, and other Christmas decorations, we each took turns decorating the sissy tree. Each of the clothes pins have things such as “Pretty Slut” written on them. At the end of the decorating fun, sissy then sang Oh Sissymass Tree for us all to endure.

Another fun part of the evening was taking turns grabbing pieces of paper out of a stocking, each with a different humiliating thing for sissy to do. The notes included things such as wearing a pad over their mouth, eating food off of a foot or shoe, barking  like a dog, chasing their tail like a dog, and singing sissymass songs.

To make sure that everyone involved was comfortable with the tasks involved, each note was written by sissy and edited down by the Goddess.

Remember this is all in good fun and is consensual. Each person invited to this party understands what is going on, and sissy is a very willing and happy participant. This type of fun isn’t for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it, it is quite a memorable experience.

Experiencing all of this has really given me the motivation to learn to be a better dominant, even in a non-sexual setting. Having a group of amazing dominant people, bossing around their sissy slave has given me some great future goals.

If you want to know and see more about sissies and slaves, check out their instagram! If you want to learn about non-sexual domination, check out Luna Matata’s sexy skills workshops!

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Review – Panties from With Love Lingerie

Rainbow Pantines with pink trim on a wooden table.


While pride month is over in Toronto, pride in Ottawa is just getting started! So what is the one thing everyone should have ready for this spectacular event? Rainbow panties!


Even more exciting is that they are made locally in Ontario, Canada! The amazing human behind With Love Lingerie, Carrie Russel prides herself on having ethical business practices and keeping production in Canada.


It honestly brings me so much joy seeing the rainbow popping out of my jeans every time I take them off.


The fabric used is probably one of the most comfortable fabrics I’ve worn when it comes to underwear. It’s like a lighter swimsuit fabric. Super stretchy, and no itch. There is no worry about the garment falling apart when putting these on either.


Price Point

They retail for $25!

Sizing Selection

The rainbow panties are available in sizes small to XL, as are most pieces made by With Love Lingerie. I am always worried when it comes to buying XL panties at my current size, but honestly, as soon as I saw these in person, any fear I had about them not fitting vanished in an instant. They stretch and hug my large butt like they were made for me. No awkwardly small leg holes either! So there have been no surprises of red marks around my legs after wearing them all day!


Where To Buy

I bought these amazing panties from Gigi’s House of Frills. They specialize in vintage and vintage inspired lingerie. They do carry a wide range of sizes and can even special order sizes if they don’t have what you need! Unfortunately they do not list these on their online website, but you can email and contact them through their instagram and have them set up a custom listing to buy them online. Otherwise, you will just have to take a trip to Toronto to check out this gorgeous little store!

This exact pair is not listed on the With Love Lingerie website, but you can find a great selection of other absolutely gorgeous pieces that you may just have to your wish list!



While it isn’t the most… tantalizing underwear, it does make me smile every time I take off my pants and unveil the rainbow butt I have always wanted. But really, can you ever have too much cute underwear?


UPDATE:: After wearing and washing them for the past few months, I will say the elastic has slowly started to have the strings that fall off. The underwear still is incredibly cute, colourful and comfortable to wear, so it still is one that I always will feel happy wearing. A few falling strings isn’t going to stop my proud ass.


** I will be attending Ottawa Capital Pride on August 26th! So if you are in the area and want to say hi, come stop by the L’Amour-Propre/Weal and Breech tent! **


*** The pictures of the underwear were taken by me. Gifs were sourced from No links included in this post are affiliate links.***
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Sexy toys, Feminism, and Cats Oh My! – Sex Positive Pins

One of my favourite things I’ve experienced during my time of running my own small business is the amazing community that you get to be a part of. So any chance I get, I love to share the wonderful things these hardworking individuals make!

Here are some of my favourite pins!

Monster Cliche

Monster Cliche is a creative person from Toronto. Most of the products are not listed on their website, but can be found on their instagram or can be seen at various markets around Toronto and surrounding cities!

Consent is Fucking Mandatory Pin  $12

Isabella Rottman

Isabella Rottman is a cartoonist out of Chicago. She has some amazing sex positive sex toy and queer sex ed pins that everyone should have! You can find her instagram here!

You Do You Pin $10

Punky Pins

Punky Pins is a maker out of the UK. Their site is just filled with so many amazing products! It is really hard to view their site without filling your cart with many amazing pins! I currently have two; Pro Choice, Pro Feminism, Pro Cats, and Cuterus.

Pro Choice Pro Feminism Pro Cats Pin £7.00

Daring Stars Studios

While I don’t know much about them, other than that they are from Brampton, Ontario, I do know that their stuff is incredibly adorable! I might not own any of their pins just yet, but this is at the top of my soon-to-buy list! Anyone that can make a tentacle look this adorable deserves praise!

Blushing Tentacle Pin $16.13


And of course, L’Amour-Propre. The thing that has taken over my life and has helped put me in a position where I am able to focus on my health while still being able to afford to live. I also really love this pin because of the amazing Luna Matatas asked me to make it, and ever since I have had people non-stop asking me to keep it in stock!

Butt Slut Pin $8

If you have a favourite pin maker, please leave a link below! Always looking for new pins to add to the collection!

*** All images were created by the makers of each of the pins! The only photo credited to me is the Butt Slut pin by L’Amour-Propre. ***



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Adventures in Body Acceptance – (Not so) Sexy Psoriasis

When I was 21 I noticed I had a rash on my right knee. I have had eczema my entire life, but this rash appeared much worse than ones I had previously experienced. Assuming that it was just a strange flair up, I applied my standard steroid cream and hoped for the best. A year later, and it was still there.

I am one to avoid doctors when I can. I’ve always had a negative experience with them as I’ve never been at what they consider a healthy weight. So not wanting to have yet another discussion surrounding my weight, I avoided them as long as possible. Having had this rash for a year, I was getting to the end of what I could handle. So I mustered up the courage and made an appointment. It turned out what I had was not eczema, but psoriasis. So my long journey started of spending hundreds of dollars on stronger and stronger topical corticosteroids, in the hope of some relief.

During this time I had been starting to date. I was not at a high point of self confidence, and these slowly spreading patches did nothing to help. I was embarrassed to show my body. There was this constant lingering fear of people taking one look at my skin and freaking out about contamination. (No, it is not contagious, but people are jerks)

I proceeded to only wear long pants, t-shirts, and hoodies. There was no way I was going to expose my body with this on my skin. The dating game is already tough for someone of my size, and this extra level of difficulty was not something I needed.

So, worrying that the majority of the population would look at me in disgust, I settled for the first person who could look at me and see something positive. That… was a mistake.

I will say that my case of psoriasis is not, by any means, the worst case of it. It does cover small patches very regularly, but most are fairly easy to cover, other than my ears and scalp. Sadly, it doesn’t take much for something like this to start impacting how you see yourself.


At this point in time I had no one who I could talk to about what was going on with my body. The only people I had seen with my condition were people much older than me, and people I read about online. There wasn’t that person I could discuss how all of this was making me feel. I felt isolated. I really just needed a friend.

Things with the first post-psoriasis diagnosis partner I had ended after a couple of sexless years. Surprisingly, you can’t base a relationship based on just settling for someone. So I once again was back to the terrifying world of dating.

At this point I had had enough of restricting myself, and had just moved to a much bigger city with a much bigger dating pool. I may have still been terrified of what others thought, but I was ready to give this fake self confidence thing a shot. Maybe if I forced myself to be ok with my body, I could convince myself it was fine.

And honestly… it kind of worked.

Surprisingly, most people were not turned off by it. Most people were just happy that I was willing to share my body with them. They didn’t see me as the monster I assumed they would. The odd person did mention the spots, but it was never in revulsion, but just a general curiosity and concern.

It wasn’t stopping people from finding me sexy, so why should it stop me from feeling the same?

It’s been 6 years since I was diagnosed. It still covers part of my knees and has spread to various other parts of my body. This summer, I wore a dress with no leggings for the first time. Ever. I have never felt this at peace with the large spots on my knees. I know they are not going to be gone forever, but I am no longer seeing them as the disgusting disfigurement I once did. While I am still struggling to fully love my body, I am no longer allowing this to stop me, and you shouldn’t too. Love yourself and take care of your body.

If you don’t know anything about psoriasis, here is a bit of information to get you caught up:

According to, “psoriasis is a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. It causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin. The extra skin cells form scales and red patches that are itchy and sometimes painful. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that often comes and goes.” Basically,  if you have psoriasis, the T cells that normally defend your body against things such as viruses or bacteria instead attach healthy skin cells.

It is a chronic autoimmune condition that sadly has no cure. It can be managed through various treatments, such as topical corticosteroids, sprays, and injections.

Psoriasis is not contagious, but it is known to be hereditary. If you think you may have psoriasis, please talk to a dermatologist.


*** Gifs in this post are from and not of my own creation ***
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I Hate My Name and Other Gender Issues

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Sex Retail Stories – Part 1


I’ve decided to start a series on my YouTube channel telling various stories from the two and a half years I worked at an adult novelties store. This episode contains 5 stories, but future videos will contain 3.


Please let me know if you enjoyed the video! I would love to hear other people’s experiences working in sex retail or retail in general. Retail horror stories are probably one of my biggest addictions when it comes to binge watching on YouTube.

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Review – Evolved Novelties Dancing Pearl Rabbit


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Sex Store Etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping at a Sex Store


Want to make sure you have an excellent time shopping at a sex store? Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do!


These tips apply to basically any sex/adult store you would be going into.

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Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo


On that never ending quest for couples toys? Looking for another toy for your penis that isn’t just another squishy masturbator? Looking to try and stimulate a vulva and a penis at the same time? Well Hot Octopuss may have the answer for you!

The Good

I was so excited when my Pulse III duo arrived in the mail. It was finally a toy my partner was willing to try with me, which probably was the best part of this experience.

Probably my favourite bit of using the toy with my partner was watching him use it solo. He really enjoyed the stimulation he received from the pulsator, which was the more important part for me with this toy.

The Pulse III also a great foreplay toy. While it wasn’t the thing to get us both off so magically, it still made for a fun toy to get us both wanting more.

Hey, it was also a good way to convince me to get on top and ignore my anxiety I have about my weight.

If you are someone who has a penis, this toy does have a few great perks. It is able to be used while flaccid, so those with erectile dysfunction are still able to comfortably use this toy.


The Bad

The buttons on the Pulse III, while being super straight forward, are a little stiff. Wanting to change speeds while your member is being engulfed by the toy can be a bit of a pain. Having a partner straddling on top of the toy can also make changing the vibration settings for the internal motor very awkward as you would have to stop and navigate between your partner’s thighs to hold down the toy while you attempted to press the very firm buttons. Hopefully with more uses the buttons ease up a bit. No one wants to fight their toy for access to better settings.

Sadly for me, the toy does not work well with my body. The stimulation I get when enjoying the toy with my partner isn’t enough to make my clit very happy. The top motor is much more buzzy than the inner, rumble-y motor. Other than just being buzzy, my labia lips are a little to prominent, so I am unable to get direct clit stimulation without a lot of effort and awkward movement.

I can see this possibly being an interesting toy for two people who both have penises. Having both penises receiving vibration and stimulation without any penetration. Sadly without having that appendage, I am unable to try this out without awkwardly sitting with my packer on top of my partner. Awkwardly staring into his eyes as he questions my motives.

Quick feature overview + Price

– Silicone and ABS plastic
– Internal oscillating motor, with external vibrating motor
– 5 Modes of vibration
– Has a turbo mode for intense vibrations
– Controller for controlling the external motor for partnered play
– Able to used erect or flaccid
– 100% Waterproof
– Magnetically charges in 3 hours for 1 hour of use
– 25% more powerful than previous model
– Also comes in Solo version which does not have the external motor or remote

Price: $199.99 CAD (Stag Shop)
$159.99 CAD (LoveHoney)

Lube compatibility

This toy is able to be used with or without lube. Though if you are planning on using it with more of a stroking motion, lube is very much recommended. The Pulse III is made from silicone, so only water based and silicone/water hybrids are recommended. Be sure to make sure that the hybrid lube you are using is made with a very low amount of silicone, like Fuck Water and Wicked’s hybrid.

Reasons I would recommend this toy

If you are someone who does have erectile dysfunction, this toy is great for it’s ability to be used flaccid. So even if you are unable to achieve your optimal hard-ness that you would desire for penetration, it is a toy you could still use with both people and still have a stimulating experience. If the vulva having partner has a very prominent clit and enjoys buzzy vibrations, than this toy can also be fun.

Reasons I would not recommend this toy

If you are looking for a mind blowing toy to enhance your couples play, I honestly would not recommend this. It’s too hard to tell if this will work for both parties involved. It didn’t help much for my partner and I, but as I’ve said previously, my body just doesn’t get much out of buzzy indirect vibrations. If the sensation is all about the person with the penis, then I can definitely see the benefits, but as my go-to couples toy recommendation? Sadly it falls very short.
Also if you are a haver of a penis and are looking for a more inside the body feeling of stimulation, that is also not what this toy is going to provide.



Overall, it was a lot of fun getting to try this toy with my partner. While it was not something that h He really enjoyed it, and it got me to try being on top again, which is something I always shy away from due to my weight.

I was fortunate enough to receive this product from a contest they so generously hosted on Instagram. Make sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram at @HotOctopuss!


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Review – Clandestine Devices Mimic – My Favourite Sea Creature


I’m going to start this off by saying that strong vibrations are not my thing. My precious little clit turns off when things are far too powerful or incredibly buzzy. So my opinion is coming from a place where the Hitachi Magic Wand is this terrifying beast that is far too much for my body to handle for more than a nice back massage.

I received my Mimic after a video of mine on my Instagram was noticed by the Clandestine Devices Instagram. I then got the opportunity to have a super lovely conversation with their rep, who I must say is a fantastic human. I loved being able to discuss the fun and struggles of being a sex store worker with someone who representing a sex toy company. So my initial impression of the company was great.

Did I actually enjoy the toy itself? Yes! Very much yes! This is honestly my new favourite toy. I have probably used this toy more than any other toy that I’ve owned. I’ve always struggled achieving orgasm from vibration, but this one made it easy and possible.

I really loved how easily I am able to use this toy during penetrative sex. The small tip allows it to be held to stimulate the clit while not causing any discomfort to my partner. The vibrations are able to be set at a low enough setting that my partner does not have to feel the vibration if it is something they are not enjoying.

While it does have more than just a constant vibration pattern, I mostly stick to using the first setting rather than the different pulsations. Though what I do really like is that you are able to change the intensity of the vibrations regardless of which function you have the toy set to. So you can experience the various patterns without it being too overwhelming.

It is such a versatile toy that gives you many options on how you want to use it to stimulate your genitals. If you want something very pin point and direct, it’s got a shape that allows for that. If you want a toy that covers your entire clit, it’s able to provide. If you want your inner lips gently stimulated while also stimulating your clit or vaginal opening, it’s happy to help!



Lube Compatibility

If you are planning on using lubrication with this toy, please only use water-based lubricants, or hybrid lubricants with a very small percentage of silicone in them. Avoid using any oil based lubricants as they will not react well with the silicone material. Please also remember to wash the toy after use with a cleaner to make sure nothing is left on the toy while you store it. Take care of your toy and it will take care of you.


Quick feature overview

  • Body Safe Silicone (It’s super soft!)
  • 8 Vibration Patterns
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Has a travel lock (press and hold the + and – buttons to turn on and off)
  • LED glow (so you can find it in the dark? Light your way to your clit?)
  • Quiet/Discreet vibrations
  • Ergonomic Design (super easy to hold!)
  • 3 Colours to chose from: Lilac, Sea Foam, and Black
  • USB Rechargable: 2 hours to fully charge


Price: $119.99 CAD (PinkCherry)


Does this work as more than just clitoral stimulation?

This toy can definitely stimulate more than just the clit and lips. I found it was one of my favourite toys for stimulating the vaginal opening. While it’s not exactly shaped for insertion, it just gave the perfect tickle of sensation.

The more curvier side of the Mimic is also great for resting the scrotum on, giving them a nice vibrating cradle with the small curve on the very tip tickling the perineum.

Other fun ways to use

With the way it’s wings go out on the mimic, it can be a fun addition to a rope scene. You can have rope hold down the toy flat on your genitals by wrapping a strand of rope on both sides of the toy. Tugging at the rope slightly will help add even more stimulation!

Reasons I would recommend this toy

While I totally recognize that this toy isn’t for everyone, it is definitely one I would only recommend for the right person. As someone who, up until very recently has been working at a sex store, this was one of my favourite toys to recommend for someone who is looking for something on the milder side, or has trouble holding certain toys. While it may look like a weird sea creature, the design is perfect for those who cannot hold regular toys easily. Not having to tense up your hand to make a fist really helps open this toy for more people. It’s not going to give you that super powerful vibration that some people might be looking for, but if you’re looking for a much gentler vibration, this toy is fantastic.

Reasons I wouldn’t recommend this toy

As I’ve said previously, the main reason I would not recommend this toy to someone is due to the power. For some, this wont be enough to excite your bits. It might just be an annoying tickle that leaves you in regret. It’s definitely not a power house toy.

The vibrations themselves are also a bit more on the buzzy side, though not a super high pitched buzz, but definitely not rumbley. While I find it’s not one that has ever made me go numb, if you are a little more sensitive, on the higher options you may run into that issue.

The Mimic is also little bit pricey, so if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, this may also not be for you.


So if the Mimic sounds like the sea creature of your dreams, I definitely recommend trying it out.


This post does include affiliate links.
All photos were taken by me, so please ask before using.



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