Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo


On that never ending quest for couples toys? Looking for another toy for your penis that isn’t just another squishy masturbator? Looking to try and stimulate a vulva and a penis at the same time? Well Hot Octopuss may have the answer for you!

The Good

I was so excited when my Pulse III duo arrived in the mail. It was finally a toy my partner was willing to try with me, which probably was the best part of this experience.

Probably my favourite bit of using the toy with my partner was watching him use it solo. He really enjoyed the stimulation he received from the pulsator, which was the more important part for me with this toy.

The Pulse III also a great foreplay toy. While it wasn’t the thing to get us both off so magically, it still made for a fun toy to get us both wanting more.

Hey, it was also a good way to convince me to get on top and ignore my anxiety I have about my weight.

If you are someone who has a penis, this toy does have a few great perks. It is able to be used while flaccid, so those with erectile dysfunction are still able to comfortably use this toy.


The Bad

The buttons on the Pulse III, while being super straight forward, are a little stiff. Wanting to change speeds while your member is being engulfed by the toy can be a bit of a pain. Having a partner straddling on top of the toy can also make changing the vibration settings for the internal motor very awkward as you would have to stop and navigate between your partner’s thighs to hold down the toy while you attempted to press the very firm buttons. Hopefully with more uses the buttons ease up a bit. No one wants to fight their toy for access to better settings.

Sadly for me, the toy does not work well with my body. The stimulation I get when enjoying the toy with my partner isn’t enough to make my clit very happy. The top motor is much more buzzy than the inner, rumble-y motor. Other than just being buzzy, my labia lips are a little to prominent, so I am unable to get direct clit stimulation without a lot of effort and awkward movement.

I can see this possibly being an interesting toy for two people who both have penises. Having both penises receiving vibration and stimulation without any penetration. Sadly without having that appendage, I am unable to try this out without awkwardly sitting with my packer on top of my partner. Awkwardly staring into his eyes as he questions my motives.

Quick feature overview + Price

– Silicone and ABS plastic
– Internal oscillating motor, with external vibrating motor
– 5 Modes of vibration
– Has a turbo mode for intense vibrations
– Controller for controlling the external motor for partnered play
– Able to used erect or flaccid
– 100% Waterproof
– Magnetically charges in 3 hours for 1 hour of use
– 25% more powerful than previous model
– Also comes in Solo version which does not have the external motor or remote

Price: $199.99 CAD (Stag Shop)
$159.99 CAD (LoveHoney)

Lube compatibility

This toy is able to be used with or without lube. Though if you are planning on using it with more of a stroking motion, lube is very much recommended. The Pulse III is made from silicone, so only water based and silicone/water hybrids are recommended. Be sure to make sure that the hybrid lube you are using is made with a very low amount of silicone, like Fuck Water and Wicked’s hybrid.

Reasons I would recommend this toy

If you are someone who does have erectile dysfunction, this toy is great for it’s ability to be used flaccid. So even if you are unable to achieve your optimal hard-ness that you would desire for penetration, it is a toy you could still use with both people and still have a stimulating experience. If the vulva having partner has a very prominent clit and enjoys buzzy vibrations, than this toy can also be fun.

Reasons I would not recommend this toy

If you are looking for a mind blowing toy to enhance your couples play, I honestly would not recommend this. It’s too hard to tell if this will work for both parties involved. It didn’t help much for my partner and I, but as I’ve said previously, my body just doesn’t get much out of buzzy indirect vibrations. If the sensation is all about the person with the penis, then I can definitely see the benefits, but as my go-to couples toy recommendation? Sadly it falls very short.
Also if you are a haver of a penis and are looking for a more inside the body feeling of stimulation, that is also not what this toy is going to provide.



Overall, it was a lot of fun getting to try this toy with my partner. While it was not something that h He really enjoyed it, and it got me to try being on top again, which is something I always shy away from due to my weight.

I was fortunate enough to receive this product from a contest they so generously hosted on Instagram. Make sure to check them out on Twitter and Instagram at @HotOctopuss!


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2 Responses to Review – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

  1. It was glorious when my cock was just in there. It was vibrating a lot which made me cum in a few minutes. It is a bit bigger than I expected and doesn’t really stay in one place if I don’t hold it because of it’s own weight. I can’t get upset about that because there is a lot that goes into this little machine. Not life changing, but far superior to the silicone “fleshlights”.

  2. Amazing product. Still learning how to fully use its potential. I can certainly see how this product for be beneficial to those with erectal dysfunction as it really wakes things up!

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