Sissymass 2018

Last weekend I had the honour of joining in Sissymass. Honestly one of the most entertaining parties I’ve ever had the chance to attend.

What is Sissymass? Well every year, SissiesandSlaves hosts a party where sissy, the person pictured below, entertains and serves the guests, as well as sings songs and becomes the Christmas tree standing in the corner.

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Welcome to sissymas 2018

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 Armed with clothes pins with glittery tampons attached, baubles, and other Christmas decorations, we each took turns decorating the sissy tree. Each of the clothes pins have things such as “Pretty Slut” written on them. At the end of the decorating fun, sissy then sang Oh Sissymass Tree for us all to endure.

Another fun part of the evening was taking turns grabbing pieces of paper out of a stocking, each with a different humiliating thing for sissy to do. The notes included things such as wearing a pad over their mouth, eating food off of a foot or shoe, barking  like a dog, chasing their tail like a dog, and singing sissymass songs.

To make sure that everyone involved was comfortable with the tasks involved, each note was written by sissy and edited down by the Goddess.

Remember this is all in good fun and is consensual. Each person invited to this party understands what is going on, and sissy is a very willing and happy participant. This type of fun isn’t for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it, it is quite a memorable experience.

Experiencing all of this has really given me the motivation to learn to be a better dominant, even in a non-sexual setting. Having a group of amazing dominant people, bossing around their sissy slave has given me some great future goals.

If you want to know and see more about sissies and slaves, check out their instagram! If you want to learn about non-sexual domination, check out Luna Matata’s sexy skills workshops!

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