Hey! My name is Tal and I’m a Toronto based sex blogger and general weirdo. I am also the owner of the online store L’Amour-Propre.

I started blogging in 2013, but put it on hold thanks to school. Now back with a new focus. I’ve now worked in the sex toy industry for years, both doing the home parties and working in a larger Canadian owned sex store chain. It was from this that I realized that teaching people about sex and enhancing peoples sex lives brought me so much joy. I even spent some time creeping on other sex bloggers, trying to figure out how to get my own voice so I can help spread the love and education. I am always looking for new experiences I can share with others, and potentially drag others along for the ride!

I’m short, curvy, genderfluid, pansexual, and kinky. They/Them pronouns. I am a generally romantically monogamous person, but when my life allows it, I do practice ethical non-monogamy.

I grew up with a very confusing idea of my gender and sexuality. I explored masturbation fairly early, having friends expose me to masturbation and sex at an age where I could not grasp what I was learning. After years of confusion and community imposed shame, I’ve finally arrived at a point in my life where I am excitedly exploring my sexuality, gender identity, and the amazing world of kink.

I currently live with my cis-gender male partner and our two crazy cats. My partner is the amazing creative genius behind Weal and Breech. I do my best to help him with this business by pushing him to make more, and helping with product demos.

I live with scoliosis, lower back arthritis, Autism, PTSD, psoriasis, depression, and anxiety as the main things that drive the weird habits I have formed with my body and actions. Sex, toys, and masturbation have helped with opening me up and getting over the mental barriers I have placed on myself in regards to my body. I now work a lot harder on self love and self care. The more I’ve ventured into the amazing sex positive community, the better my life has gotten. So I hope to reach more like minded people through this blog.

I have recently left my job in the sex store to work full-time on my own business, L’Amour-Propre. This has been such an amazing opportunity, not just for being able to reclaim control of my schedule, but also I am now able to work on trying to get my health back on track.