If there is any information or questions you have that are not answered on this page, my about me page, or my disclosures page, feel free to contact me!

Who are you?
I’m white, in my late 20s, non-binary AFAB, pansexual, physically disabled, French Canadian, and English and French speaker. I am allergic to hormonal birth control and am not currently on any medication for mental illness. While I am not on medication for mental health (mostly due to finding one that I’m either not allergic to or don’t react horribly to is impossible and time consuming) I do suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I have chronic pain due to a spinal injury that also causes mobility issues.I am also plus-sized, fitting in a lovely size 18-20 and weigh around 245. I am 156 cm tall. I am also obsessively taking care and dealing with psoriasis, which makes my anxiety around sex and people seeing my body a lot worse than when weight was my only issue. I also have a very long list of allergies. For more information, check out my About page.

What kind of stimulation do you like?
I am very sensitive. Incredibly strong vibrations and very buzzy vibrations tend to be bad for my body. That being said, I love to have plenty of options to chose from. I get bored of one sort of stimulation too quickly. So having a large collection of different toys helps. I will say that my favourite toy for the type of stimulation it produces at the time of writing this is the Clandestine Devices Mimic.

What kind of kinks/fetishes are you into?
This is a super hard question for me to answer, as it is always changing and growing. I am constantly finding new things I enjoy. The stuff at the top of my list include electro stimulation, impact play, sensation play, D/s, Protocol, rope bondage, medical play, wax play, and fire play. I am more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist. I also am a switch, though tend to lean more to the submissive side. I am hoping to explore and discover more of my dominant side as time goes on.

Why Talimatrix?
Tal is a short form for the name given to me at birth, though not one most people would guess. Tal is the name I preferred to be called, as it is much more gender neutral. Talimatrix came to be because I liked the sound of it and it reminded me of Jenny Matrix from Video Game High School. I spent a very long time trying to come up with names to restart my blogging adventure with. After many failed attempts, I have now found one that doesn’t make my anxiety spike when I tell it to people.

Who is Buttsy?
Buttsy is a butt plug who is just trying to live their best life. Buttsy is genderless as Buttsy is a butt plug. They are a 12.5 Inch Devil’s Butt Plug by NMC. They’re made from PVC, but that doesn’t stop them from loving everyone, but only on the outside. Buttsy is also the model for our collars. Buttsy loves to take pictures with people and to make new friends. If you are interested in hanging out with Buttsy, please feel free to contact me!

How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging and writing webcomics in 2003, when I tried my hand at short and funny stories on LiveJournal based around my life and stories my friends told me. I had a fairly active imagination that helped me cope with the hard situations I was dealing with as a child and teenager. I have always seen blogging as a hobby to help me deal with my mental health. Now that I’m older and a lot more focus, I want to make my blog into something that I can both focus on for mental health benefits and to be part of a community I have only ever watched from a far.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?
When I’m not writing one of the two blogs I am running, writing/editing content for my youtube channel, I am most likely working on my business, L’Amour-Propre. I also help my partner with their business, Weal and Breech. When I do have free time that is not taken up by writing or business, I do enjoy playing video games and watching movies.

Do you have any experience in the sex industry?
I have worked in a sex store for two and a half years, I also spent a year and a bit selling sex toys online and doing home parties. I sadly stopped doing the home parties as I found their pricing to be unreasonable, they didn’t sell enough body-safe toys, and their lubricants were not something I would ever recommend. I have also spent some time working as a cam girl on a couple sites and have assisted in photo shoots for cam girls. I also occasionally ran booths at sex clubs for the store I worked for. I am hoping to one day get into teaching classes on sexuality and kink. I also hope to one day work in a dungeon.

Are all the photos and videos yours? Do you use any special camera or programs?
All of the photos, unless otherwise specified are created by me. All of my photos and videos for the most part are taken using an iPhone 6 and edited with various apps on there. Some are edited using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Any photo that are provided by my partner are taken using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and are edited using the Adobe suit. If you are interested in using any of my photos, please see look here for that information.

How can I follow you?
I am fairly active on both Instagram and Twitter. I do have a Facebook page, but for now I am mostly focusing on the other two so that I don’t get overwhelmed with trying to keep everything very active. If you want to keep up to date with my blog, but don’t want to follow me on social media, you can do so by following my RSS feed in your chosen reader.

Can I suggest a toy/store/event for you to write and review about?
Please feel free to contact me regarding anything you want to hear my opinions and experiences on! I love taking suggestions and knowing what people want to read about. If I don’t currently have the toy in question, it may take some time for me to procure it, same with getting to a store or event that may be happening, but if I have a way to get to that store, I will do my best to write about it.

If you are a company looking for me to write about your products/store/events, please read more about that here.